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All-Round Cultivation of Excellent Employees in Corporate Culture Training
By admin 2020 | 06 | 20
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On June 16th, 2020, in order to promote the implementation of Corechem Group's corporate culture concept "Think", the second phase of Corechem Group's corporate culture training "All-Round Cultivation of Excellent Employees" kicked off. This training invited Mr. Zhuang Weiming, a senior practical combat teacher from Shanghai ZHISHUOPX to give a lecture.

During the one-day corporate culture training, Mr. Zhuang Weiming started from the following four parts: changing ideas from self-cognition; improving mental model from experiences; establishing energy from reshaping life belief; being 100% responsible from transforming action. Through the funny and humorous language and the entertaining way, all trainees have a deeper understanding of the corporate culture concept: faith, ideal, responsibility, and knowledge.

During the one-day training summary, Mr. Zhuang Weiming gave everyone four sentences: sowing ideas, harvesting attitudes; sowing attitudes, harvesting behaviors; sowing behaviors, harvesting habits; sowing habits, harvesting destiny. He hoped that all the participants can remember that, “we are willing to change for ourselves, we can't control the weather, but we can change our mood; we can't refuse the wind, but we can turn the direction of the sail; we can't change our appearance, but we can show a smile; we can’t control others, but we can control ourselves; we can not predict tomorrow, but we can cherish today; we can’t make anything goes well, but we can be responsible when do everything; we can’t change the environment, but we can choose the attitude." He also hoped that everyone can continue to learn after the training; remember the formation of good habits needs the period of 7-21-108 days, make a "habit development table" for ourselves, and write the prepared good habits on it, and check whether it is done every day until we develop a habit; read more books and be more exposed to new things; be a conscious person, an identified person, recognize the company’s culture, and abide by the company’s regulations, have the courage to take responsibility; face the difficulties correctly and be a working person who can do what you want to do; be filial to your parents, be grateful for the company and work hard; learn to apply and persevere!

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