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Corechem Group's Corporate Culture Concept
By admin 2020 | 07 | 10
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Culture is the core competitiveness of an enterprise and an important guiding ideology of enterprise strategy. To further promote the sustainable development of Corechem Group, it is necessary to rely on corporate culture. Corechem Group's corporate culture concept "Think" means: faith, ideal, responsibility, knowledge.

"Think" originates from the four elements in the periodic table, which highlights that Corechem Group originates from the chemical industry. Among them, "Th" is the 90th element of the periodic table, "thorium", which represents Faith; "I" is the 53rd element of the periodic table, "iodine", which represents the Ideal; "N" is the 7th element of the periodic table, "nitrogen", which represents the Responsibility ; "K" is the 19th element of the periodic table, "potassium", which represents Knowledge.

The four numbers in the upper left corner: 20, 13, 10, and 11 represent the date of the establishment of Corechem Group, which was created on October 11th, 2013.


1, Faith

Faith is the code of conduct for all members of the Corechem Group, the foundation for establishing a corporate responsibility mechanism, and the key to enhancing corporate responsibility awareness and behavior. Faith is not simply stupidity but the faith to the enterprise, the faith to the career, and the faith to the self. Simply put, there is professional integrity and professionalism, which is worthy of the conscience of the world. Faith is that employees unify their personal pursuits with the long-term development goals of the company, and do their best for the development of the company. The development of the company will inevitably bring more development opportunities to the employees. We advocate faith to the career, faith to the enterprise, faith to the post, and faith to the self. The specific performance is as follows: the overall interests of the enterprise are the most important, and the starting point of all work is to put the interests of the enterprise first; to fight for the career, to invest in the post with a high degree of enthusiasm; to continuously pursue excellence and reward the company with outstanding post performance.

In the selection and appointment of personnel, Corechem Group also made faith the first requirement. Corechem Group's criteria for defining talents are good professional ethics, excellent professional qualities, diligent professional attitude, and excellent work performance. In the training and selection of cadres, Corechem Group does not exclude airborne talents, but with the development of the company and a virtuous circle, the proportion of internal promotion will become higher and higher. When possible, first use the cadres we cultivated. At the same time, Corechem will consider age and professional technical skills. Under the premise of equal conditions, giving priority to the promotion and use of young people with professional technical skills will give young employees more opportunities to be tempered in actual work. Corechem Group provides equal development opportunities for everyone, not only education, ability, qualifications, performance, everyone has a stage and an opportunity. Employees and companies are interdependent, mutually promote, and grow together. In terms of talent evaluation and incentive mechanism, it is biased towards leaders of various departments, important backbones and young employees. In order to increase the cohesion of the team, the overall assessment method is adopted at all levels, and the whole team is honorable or harmless.


2, Ideal

Corechem Group's ideal is reflected in the company's logo, the entire logo is the shape of a dragon. The four Chinese characters of “欣禾化工” not only embodies Chinese elements, but also is the leader in the shape. The “corechem” is the dragon body and the three leaves are the dragon's tail. The shape of the dragon means that as a Chinese company, we are the heirs of the dragon and want to become a dragon in the agrochemical industry. As a participant and witness of the great integration of the Chinese nation, the dragon symbolizes unity and cohesion; the dragon is the god of water, benefits mankind, and represents us as a member of the agrochemical industry, who must escort the growth of crops; at the same time, dragon has the meaning of taking off and developing, which symbolizes our spirit of pioneering enterprise as a pioneer.

Corechem Group's vision is to become a world-class agrochemical enterprise with a long-standing foundation. It is our vision and ideal to be an international enterprise, and it is our reality to base on China. First of all, it must be "Chinese" ,then to be "worldly." The longevity of the foundation is to be a century-old enterprise, which requires us to work hard in the agrochemical industry, keep a low profile, and accumulate a lot of experiences.

In our work, we must not only remember our ideals, but also advocate a pragmatic work style, do not sing high-profile, do not talk about empty things, in the interpersonal relationship, pursue simplicity, do not engage in gangs in the enterprise, do not try to figure out what the leaders and superiors are thinking about every day. Focusing on ourselves, work, and business, insisting on starting from now, bits and pieces, pursuing to be down-to-earth, meticulous, rigorous and efficient. Based on the work attitude, strive for excellence; work methods should be rigorous, orderly and methodical; take responsibility for the work undertaken by themselves with a highly responsible attitude, strive to improve work performance, pay attention to work efficiency, and ensure work quality.


3, Responsibility

The responsibility of Corechem Group includes the responsibility to employees and the society. It is Corechem's responsibility to improve business efficiency and employees' living standards. We advocate and implement people-oriented, create a good development platform for employees, continuously improve the living conditions of employees, implement a complete salary system, and provide reasonable income. Continue to increase investment in science and technology, make every effort to build a scientific and technological chemical production base, strive to realize the company's asset value and brand value, and constantly improve the company's innovation and development capabilities, enhance competitiveness, and bring satisfactory returns to employees and shareholders. Continue to increase investment in safety and environmental protection, provide systematic training for employees, and ensure the safety of employees to the greatest extent possible. In the chemical industry, safety is the first priority of daily production and operation management, and the primary responsibility of every manager and employee. At the enterprise level, safety management is not only about production safety, but also operation safety and daily safety. The safety of an enterprise's operations is to prevent violations of regulations, do not play the policy sideline, and strictly implement the requirements of laws, regulations and policies. Production safety is to improve safety production conditions, improve safety management systems, and clarify safety management responsibilities; from the employee level, the central task of safety management is to actively learn safety knowledge, observe safety production regulations, and implement safety production measures and tasks. Corechem Group attaches great importance to safety management and the construction of enterprise safety culture. The company's survival and development stems from safety. Human safety is the core of all work, and safety is above everything else.

The social responsibility of Corechem Group is reflected in providing customers with high-quality products and services, maintaining ecological civilization, and engaging in public welfare undertakings within its ability. Through the establishment of standardized management system, Corechem Group continuously improves the quality of products and services, and strives to meet market demand. In the process of business development, implement the sustainable development concept of "green, environmental protection". In the construction of the factory, the advanced design and advanced layout are all planned and constructed according to the petrochemical regulations, focusing on the overall use of resources, maintaining harmony and unity with the natural ecosystem, adhering to the principle of sustainable development, respecting humanity and nature, and paying attention to environmental protection. To the extent possible, actively participate in social welfare undertakings, keep in mind the responsibilities of "corporate citizenship", promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation's charity and poverty alleviation, and regard social welfare undertakings as a long-term social responsibility.

Corechem does not advocate wolfness, although wolves are full of vigour and resilience, they lack a sense of social responsibility and forget the social role of enterprises. Corechem insists on equal emphasis on economic benefits and social responsibilities, strives to fulfill its commitment to being an excellent enterprise, and always takes the fulfillment of corporate social responsibilities as its own responsibility. While observing disciplines and laws, operating with integrity, and providing high-quality and reliable products to the society, we strive to provide jobs and continuously increase the income of employees.


4, Knowledge

In today's society, science and technology are changing with each passing day, and knowledge updating is unprecedented. In such a large environment, everyone must constantly learn, absorb new knowledge, absorb new nutrition, and improve themselves in order to adapt to the requirements of enterprise development. General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed "Learning Power". The same is for enterprises and individuals, to keep pace with the times and strive to survive and develop, we must constantly study and learn for life, and improve ourselves.

Continuous learning is about learning as a way of life. Corechem Group pays attention to using multiple methods to improve the quality of employees. Whether it is a front-line position or a management, it must be continuously summarized in the study and continuously learned in the summary. The continuous learning of all employees is the internal power source for Corechem's continuous development. Corechem Group strives to create a good learning atmosphere, so that employees can truly realize that learning is not just a way to acquire knowledge in the atmosphere of advocating learning, the true meaning is to break through the limitations of existing knowledge and concepts, cultivate innovative thinking and enhance innovative capabilities.

Innovation is the foundation of competitiveness, the source of development, and the key to the company's future success. Innovation mainly refers to technological innovation, management innovation and continuous improvement. Corechem Group insists on leading the sustainable development of the enterprise with technological innovation, continues to increase investment in research and development, and cooperates closely with universities and research institutes to continuously improve the innovation ability of the enterprise. Pay attention to the continuous innovation of enterprise operation and management, commit to continuous improvement in product development, production, marketing, service, etc., continue to strengthen core competitiveness, achieve sustainable development of the enterprise, create value for customers, and bring returns to employees. Therefore, in our work, we must give full play to our subjective initiative, learn innovation, learn peers, learn benchmarks, dare to challenge, overcome difficulties, and surpass competition, and always maintain the vitality of innovation.

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