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Company Leaders’ Condolences to Front-line Employees by Sending Blessings and Red Envelopes
By admin 2020 | 03 | 31
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On January 24, 2020, the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, Zhang Jun and Lyu Shuqing, deputy general managers of Jiangsu Corechem Co., Ltd., visited the front line and expressed their sincere gratitude to the employees who remained on the front line during the Spring Festival.

At each department, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Lyu cordially sympathized with the staff on duty and sent warm new year wishes. The phrase "Happy New Year" and the cry "You are working hard", although brief, contain the most sincere greetings from the company leaders.

"Thanks for the leaders’ concern", "We must work harder", "We are more confident in the new year" ... Receiving the leaders’ festival blessings in person, everyone's joy overflowed with words, the scene echoed with laughter, overflowing strong festive atmosphere.

The festive red envelopes, although small, contain the company's warmest blessings and the most sincere heartfelt wishes. Not only can it cheer for the employees who adhere to the front line, but also reflects the "people-oriented" concept in the company's corporate culture, and it can also motivate everyone to continue to work harder in the new year and create new achievements.

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