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Convening of Corechem Group's Annual Working Conference in 2020
By admin 2020 | 01 | 20
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The annual working conference of Corechem Group was held in Huaian from Jan. 8th to 9th, 2020. The conference reviewed the work performance of 2019 and the completion of the work of various subsidiaries, reflected on problems and deficiencies, and comprehensively deployed key tasks in 2020.

First of all, Mr. Jianbo Gu, the chairman of the Group, delivered a speech entitled "Building Cohesion with Ideology", putting forward six aspects to lay the topic of the conference. He said that managers should lead by example; the Party and Workers' League should carry out activities to provide employees with a sense of participation and identity; we should implement, report and convey various regulations of the industrial park, province, city, and country, and to the employees' problems, managers must respond well and be patient in the ideological work of staff; the personnel training should be based on the old and new; the management method should be warm, creating harmonious labor relations; the supervision of various departments should be strengthened, and innovation, commendation and advancement should be encouraged.

Ms. Qiaomei Yuan, senior deputy general manager of the Group and general manager of Jiangsu Corechem, delivered a speech entitled “Opening up the Source and Regulating the Flow, Making Steady Progress”, summarizing the completion and existing problems of Jiangsu Corechem’s work in 2019 from three aspects: safety, environmental protection and production; In 2020, He Jiangsu Corechem's main work was still to ensure the safety and environmental protection, do a good job in the construction of corporate cultural image, improve corporate cohesion, and strive to produce more and better products, while improving the material and spiritual satisfaction of all employees.

Mr. Yonglin Sun, the deputy general manager of the Group, summarized and reviewed the sales situation of the entire company in 2019, and prejudged the sales situation in 2020. Mr. Yongbo Zhao, the deputy general manager of the Group, summarized the trade work of the entire company in 2019 and looked forward to the trade work of 2020.

Mr. Sheng Yue, the general manager of the Group, issued a speech of "Reviewing 2019 and Looking Forward to 2020", reviewing the achievements of 2019 from many aspects, such as group transformation, raw material procurement change, sales channel change, organizational structure adjustment, project construction, and corporate culture promotion and so on. With regard to the work deployment in 2020, Mr. Yue focused on the construction of corporate culture. 2020 is the first year of Corechem Group's corporate culture construction. Corechem Group’s corporate culture concept "Think", meaning: faith, ideal, responsibility, knowledge. Think originates from the four elements in the periodic table, which highlights that Corechem Group originates from the chemical industry. Among them, "Th" is the 90th  element of the periodic table, "thorium", which represents faith; "I" is the 53rd   element of the periodic table, "iodine", which represents the ideal; "N" is the 7th   element of the periodic table, "Nitrogen", which represents the responsibility ; "K" is the 19th element of the periodic table, "potassium", which represents knowledge. The four numbers in the upper left corner: 20, 13, 10, and 11, representing the date of the establishment of the Corechem Group. It was created on October 11th, 2013. Moreover, Mr. Yue shared the specific meanings of the four words faith, ideal, responsibility, and knowledge in corporate culture.

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