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The company's trade union held the first staff table tennis competition
By admin 2019 | 07 | 08
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In order to further promote the stimulating role of corporate culture construction and enrich employees' amateur cultural life, the first employee table tennis competition of Jiangsu Corechem Co., Ltd. was held in the union activity room from June 12th to 13th. About 50 players from various departments participated in this competition.

There are two events in the competition, men's singles and women's singles. The competition uses the 11-point system and the internationally popular table tennis competition rules. The players used direct and horizontal shots, attacking and defending, pushing and pulling, cheering and laughing, and the atmosphere was warm and harmonious. Everyone in the game fights for any opportunities, fully embodies the cohesiveness and sense of honor. Each competitor in this competition has played a style and their own level, also exchanged feelings, learned the ball skills and enhanced friendship. The referee is methodical and strict. After successful elimination, Gao Rongrong, Ma Ruju, Zhang Heng, Liang Shuang, Zhou Juan and Yan Juan respectively won the top three men's singles and women's singles.

 Table tennis has a broad mass base and is popular with the majority of employees. Especially under the care of the headquarters and company leaders, we provided a good fitness and training place for the employees, activated the cultural and sports activities and created a harmonious atmosphere for the company. Relying on these facilities, the company will organize a large number of employees to carry out a variety of cultural and recreational activities and sports activities that are healthy, lively, colorful, and enjoyable.

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