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Jiangsu Corechem Co., Ltd. held the first staff singing competition
By admin 2018 | 08 | 15
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Further enrich the employees' spare time, show their good manners and create an atmosphere of "happy work, happy life". In early July 2018, Jiangsu Corechem Co., Ltd. issued the "Notice on Holding the First Staff Singing Competition". All departments and workshop staff are required to register and actively demonstrate their talents. On the afternoon of July 28th, the company's first employee singing competition was successfully held. 15 groups of players from various departments and workshops launched a fierce competition and presented an audio-visual feast.

In the C103 workshop, the "Sailor" sung by the employee Qian Cheng opened the prelude. "Friends", "My Good Brothers", "Children's Miles", "Fine Loyalty to the Country", "People paddle the big ship" and other songs are familiar. . The singers used their own singing voice to make the whole game climax, highlights strobe, and won the applause of the audience. The competition ended in the chorus "People paddle the big ship" of the EHSS department and the environmental protection workshop.

The judges scored according to the five aspects of the player's pitch, tone and stage performance. After fierce competition, the final chorus of the EHSS department and the environmental protection workshop won the first prize, the quality department and the technical department. Of chorus "Friends" and the production support department Yan Shizhou sang "Children's Miles" tied for the second prize, the supply chain Lian Hongbin sang "Love" won the third prize. The company's leaders awarded medals to the winners and took photos with the winners.

The competition is based on the principle of "mass, participatory and entertaining", focusing on "bottom-up" and "full participation" to build a "Star Avenue" for front-line employees. From solo to chorus, it is all wonderful; a cheer, showing the lofty pride of the employees; repeated applause, condensed a deep blessing to the company. After nearly 2 hours, the applause came one after another, and the atmosphere was warm.

The whole game was recognized by the company's employees, demonstrating the good style of the employees and cohesive efforts. It has played a good role in promoting a healthy, positive and healthy corporate culture and promoting the healthy development of the company. Although the game is over, but a wonderful moment is always engraved in the memory of the staff. Everyone hopes that the trade union will hold more such activities, let everyone experience the fun of work in the intense work, and hope that there will be a larger stage display to enhance the company's cohesiveness.

The picture shows the game site.

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