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Jiangsu Corechem EHSS Department won Huai'an Worker Pioneer Honor
By admin 2018 | 06 | 29
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On the afternoon of June 26, 2018, Liu Zhengshan, Director of the Social Business Bureau of Huai'an Salt Chemical New Material Industrial Park, and his party came to Jiangsu Corechem Co., Ltd. to deliver the honorable plaque of the 2018 Worker Pioneer to the company. The general manager of the factory, Ms. Yuan Qiaomei received the plaque from Director Liu.

The EHSS Department of Jiangsu Corechem Co., Ltd. always adheres to the safety concept of "responsibility first, safety for the sky", continuously improves the safety awareness of all employees of the company, and earnestly carries out safety training, hidden danger investigation, and pre-planning exercises. Through the joint efforts of all the staff of the department, the safety indicators formulated by the company were completed, and 1130 days of safety and accident-free achievements were created.

The EHSS department has a total of 11 employees, 2 undergraduate students, 9 junior colleges, including 6 party members. It is a team that seeks practical practice and unites hard work.

The EHSS Department is established through the second-level safety standardization, and implements the national safety production policies, policies, laws and regulations, and the company's various safety production systems, regulations, and operating procedures to all aspects of the company's safety, production, management, technology, links, all positions and all personnel. Organize production under the premise of ensuring the safety and health of employees. The company took the lead in passing the inspection and acceptance of secondary safety standardization in Huai'an Salt Chemical New Material Industrial Park.

The EHSS Department implements safety objectives and performance appraisal through the improvement of the safety production responsibility system, and strengthens the company's safety management and safety measures. Through the improvement of employees' safety quality and the implementation of rules and regulations, the company promotes the standardization and institutionalization of enterprise safety production. Through the anti-"three violations" activities, the violation of rules, illegal operations and violations of labor discipline will be eliminated. Through safety inspections, timely detection and elimination of various accidents.

At the same time, the EHSS department also pays attention to the training and improvement of employee skills. Through internal training, three employees have passed the registration safety engineer qualification examination, which lays a solid foundation for the company's safety work.

At the same time, Zhang Jun, the deputy general manager of the company, was awarded the outstanding trade union worker of Jiangsu Province. The photographic works of Ji Weina won the prize in the photo exhibition of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions.

The picture shows the company's general manager, Ms. Yuan Qiaomei, accepting the Huai'an Worker Pioneer Medal.

The picture shows Comrade Zhang Jun, the company's deputy general manager, accepting the honorary certificate of outstanding trade union workers in Jiangsu Province.

The picture shows Comrade Zhang Jun, the company's deputy general manager, accepting the honorary certificate of outstanding trade union workers in Jiangsu Province.

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