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Corechem launches the 2018 Safety Month Series
By admin 2018 | 05 | 29
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In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the provincial, municipal and park-related safety production work conferences, and effectively grasp the safety production of Corechem, on May 29, Jiangsu Corechem Co., Ltd. held the theme of "Life First Safety Development" 2018 The launching ceremony of the "Safe Production Month" event. At the meeting, the company's safety production month activity plan was read out, and the contents and planning of the safety month activities were clarified. The department, the person in charge of the workshop and the safety month participated in the launching ceremony.

In June, the company organized employees to watch security promotional videos by hanging exhibition boards and banners, and actively created an atmosphere of “everyone understands safety and everyone is safe”. By organizing all employees to participate in the safety closed book examination, the company further enhances employees' safety awareness and operation skills; Through the implementation of safety plan drills, improve the ability of all employees to deal with emergencies; promote the company's safe family culture through the implementation of safe family portrait activities; Through special safety inspections, truly precautions and prevent problems before they occur. Through various safety activities, the safety concept has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and won the hearts of the people, ensuring that the "Safe Production Month" campaign has achieved practical results.

The picture above shows the security month start meeting

The picture above shows the scene of the safety plan drill

The picture above shows the safe family portrait activity board

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