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Huai'an Municipal Party Committee Secretary arrives Corechem Launches Pre-May Day Safety Inspection
By admin 2018 | 05 | 08
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On the afternoon of April 28, 2018, Huai'an Municipal Party Committee Secretary Yao Xiaodong went to Jiangsu Corechem Co., Ltd. to inspect safety production on the spot. He stressed that with safe production, high quality development will be achieved, and safety awareness and environmental awareness will be firmly established, and safety will be highly valued. Production work, the establishment of a long-term working mechanism for implementation at all levels, ensuring the implementation of various targets and tasks for safety production, and providing strong security guarantees for achieving high-quality development. Municipal Party Standing Committee, Secretary-General Li Sen, deputy mayor Gu Kun and leaders of the park participated in the inspection.

Secretary Yao Xiaodong seriously asked the company to implement the main responsibility for safe production, strictly implement the requirements of safe production, fully guarantee the human and financial resources, and constantly improve the ability of the company to maintain security. Secretary Yao Xiaodong watched the safety pledges and emergency rescue management system at the door of the company, and went to the DCS Central Control Office to check the operation of the safety production supervision system. He pointed out that in addition to the fire-fighting and anti-risk risks, the safety production work must also pay special attention to ecological environmental protection work. The company's safety production monitoring system is linked with the municipal safety supervision department and the park supervision platform in real time, and is used as an important content for the construction of smart cities.

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