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2017 internal audit of QES management system
By admin 2018 | 01 | 19
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December 15, 2017, Jiangsu Wo Yutai Chemical Co., Ltd. held the first meeting of the QES management system internal audit. In the system running for nearly a year, the company hopes to find problems through the internal audit, pointed out the existing non-conformities, put forward corrective and preventive measures to improve and perfect the QEM system to improve the company's management performance.

Internal audit is one of the elements of the system, related with the other elements of the system. In order to do a good job in internal audit, we first need internal auditors to study the standards on which the corporate system documents and systems are based, so as to enhance understanding of the clauses and find out more about deviations from standards and documents in work and to find solutions.

Since August 2016, the company's QEM system, established an internal auditor team under the guidance of consulting company, conducted a number of system training, and passed the assessment in January 2017.

The picture shows the review meeting site

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