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Corechem held 2017 annual working conference
By admin 2017 | 12 | 19
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rking meeting at the Qionglai Tianquan Lake Jinling Villa. The theme of the conference is to review the work in 2017, deploy and arrange key tasks for 2018 and discuss 2018-2020 how to do additions and subtractions.

First of all, Mr. Gu Jianbo, Chairman of the Group, made a speech on the opening of the conference from seven aspects including personnel management, good responsibility, result orientation, management thinking, team building, handling according to system, planning and vision.

Mr. Yue Sheng, the general manager of the Group, objectively analyzed the current problems faced by the Company in terms of products, profits, talents, research and development, safety and environmental protection, and management team building with the title of "Addition and Subtraction in Awe-inspiring Aid with the Times" Situation and existing problems, put forward the direction of the company 2018-2020.

The meeting also conducted in-depth exchange of speeches with new changes in laws and regulations of pesticides, the Group's R & D budget and project implementation, market special reports, 2017 sales summary and 2018 outlook and factory operations.

In the end, the chairman and the general manager presented the Chinese New Year greetings to all my colleagues in the group. I wish you all: Happy New Year, good health and family joy. The meeting ended in a round of applause.

The picture shows the group chairman Gu Jianbo's opening speech

The picture shows Mr. Yue Sheng, general manager of the group, "Awe-inspiring career with the times to do addition and subtraction," speech

The picture shows the new changes in laws and regulations of pesticides special speech

The picture shows the group R & D cost budget and project status special speech

The picture shows the market situation report

The picture shows the sales summary in 2017 and the 2018 outlook presentation.

The picture shows the factory operation of a special speech.

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